March 2013 Entertainment


Anthony Berger

Anthony started out our entertainment with The Song from Moulin Rouge, La Vie En Rose, and finished with Bonjour Paris.
Wow, Anthony, you never fail to amaze us. As always we look forward to seeing and hearing you.


Elmo Fama

Elmo, always ready and able. Elmo’s selections of Sleepy Time Gal, Love me with All Your Heart and My Blue Heaven, was a hit, always a pleasure to hear from you!


Tony Mustaro

Our honorable President entertained us with Torna a Surriento, Tango dolle Rose, Spanish Eyes, and Stardust. As usual he played with great passion and transports you to the land of its origin.


Philip Parsons

Philip “Fingers” Parsons, a scholorship student of long ago, showed that he has not lost his touch. He  entertained us with Accordiana Polka, Autumn Breeze, Sparkling, Rosalie Polka, and wrapped it up with Tango of Roses with Bart.


Bart Beninco

To wrap us up, Bart almost made us swoon. His program was Arriverdci Roma, Tonight from West Side Story, a French Song, A Media Luz, and the Beer Barrel Polka. He then challenged the audience to ‘Name that Tune’. It started with “Swinging Shepard Blues’, and no one got that, then ‘Are you Lonesome Tonight’, Art Clark got that, and ended with ‘Margie’. We all seemed to know the melodie and some of the words, but not the name.


Bart and Philip

Bart and Philip finished the evening off with Tango of the Roses.

What a night, for those who could not make it, you missed some great music!