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The Presidents Message

Tony Mustaro

Dear Friends

Please take note and tell your friends that the monthly ACR meeting has changed from the third Monday to the fourth Monday for this month only. Remember that the September 2014 meeting will take place on Monday September 22, 2014. The reason for the change is so that we can book Alicia Baker as our principal entertainer for the month of September. She was not available for the third Monday date. Whether or not you’ve seen and heard Alicia sing and play you are in for a musical treat. She sings beautifully and is an amazingly talented musician whether she is playing piano, her Borsini accordion or her Roland V Accordion. This is a rare appearance here in the North Bay so invite friends and relatives to come experience the music of this talented performer.

Another bit of good news that I learned this week is that our Vice President, Steve Balich has returned home from his period of convalescence. I know that Steve is very happy to be back home with Jennie and the rest of his family. I am hoping that he will be at the September meeting as well.

I wish that I could give you more good news in this message but sadly I have two other pieces of very sad news to convey to the membership. We have lost two more of our own. It is with great regret that I tell you of the passing of Kay Newburg and Donald Agresti.

Kay along with her husband Tom was a founding member of the Accordion Club of the Redwoods. She and Tom have often entertained us with their Austrian button box duets, and Kay was also blessed with a great singing voice which she shared with us from time to time as well. Heartfelt condolences go out to Tom and all of her many friends and family members. Memorial service details appear elsewhere in this issue.

Donald was our resident/guest chef for most of our dinner dances, picnics and pasta feeds. I use the term resident/guest because Donald would drive all the way from his American Hog Farm ranch in Ceres (a Hog, Cattle and Almond farm founded in 1965), which is south of Modesto to come cook wonderful food for us. He did this out of his love for people and his love of bringing people pleasure by cooking for them. He asked for no reward or compensation for this generous action other than knowing that we enjoyed what he prepared for us. He was a generous man and a good friend. Once again, our condolences to his many friends and family members. As of this writing I have no details on Donald’s memorial service.

Both of these fine members of our accordion family will be sorely missed and remembered in our thoughts and prayers.


Tony Mustaro

Accordion Club of the Redwoods

Entertainment, September 2014



I like these tunes a lot. They take me through a range of emotions.

They make you feel  happy and sad!!  They move you. They have soul! Judge for yourself. I also played ‘Waltzing to Mongolia” and “The Drunken Sailor” I hope this helps. Waltzing to Mongolia.

“The Ships are sailing” and “Toss the Feather” (both Edor). Sound is one semi tone lower than on the original video…

“The King of the Fairies” a Scottish folk tune




“Snowtrain Shuffle” I chose that song because it is my husband’s favorite that I first played for him when I was 15 years old.  He requested that I play it for the August 18 accordion club meeting.

“Rhythm in the Reeds” – I chose this song because it was composed by John Gart, the same composer who wrote Snowtrain Shuffle.

“Georgia on my Mind” – Chosen because it is a good arrangement, done by Ron Ostromecki, favorite accordionist arranger, engraver and just a fine person whom I have never met in person, but have gotten to know online.  He did all of Frank Marocco’s engraving for the last number of years until his untimely death.

“By the Light of the Silvery Moon” – This is a very old (1945) arrangement by Robert Carreno that has stood the test of time.  It remains a catchy arrangement even in our modern day times (2014).  I bought this arrangement in about 1951, put it aside, and never learned it until recently.

“Perfidia” and “Quizas Quizas Quizas” both of these arrangements are by Gary Dahl.  Dahl gives his arrangements a modern sound, some unusual chords, but they can be appreciated for their style and sound.  His arrangements are available online under

Note that Quizas…has the S at the end.  My Spanish dictionary shows Quiza or Quizas meaning perhaps or maybe.




Elmo gave a great foot tapping performance with his play list of”When You are Smiling”, “Whispering”, “Old Shanty Town”, “Marianna”, “You Belong to My Heart”, “Jealousy”, and lastly “Every Day of My Life”.

Elmo, you always deliver




Kris sang “Because of You” with some emotion; it was his parents’ song, followed by “As Time Goes By”, then ended with “I Left My Heart in San Francisco”. Great selection and voice Kris!




Paulette sang “Parlez Moi d’Amour” which translates to speak to me of love .The other one was “La Chanson du Bonheur “. When sung in English is “You Belong to My Heart”.

Let’s hear from you more often Paulette!

Herman Sons Oktober Fest


Italian Festival