The President’s Message

Tony Mustaro

Dear Friends,

Last month’s meeting was a lot of fun with a lot of good music. This is what our club is all about. I was very happy to see such a good turnout of members to kick off the new year.

There was a very nice variety of music with selections from Olga Fansler, Xavier de la Prade, Sheri Mignano, Stanko Pecavar, Guy Richards, and George Simko. I even got into the act to play some fun duets with George. I heard many positive comments about our program for the evening.

For the month of February we have another great meeting planned. Kris Nelson is cooking his famous Gumbo for us before the meeting, so come out and bring a friend. We’ll be serving the gumbo with rice, salad and French bread, so there will be plenty to eat and our friends at Hermann Sons will have the bar open if you’re thirsty. Dinner will be served starting at our usual time of 6:30 and the price is, as with all of our club events, a great bargain.

Our featured performer for this month is Joe Domitrowich. It’s always fun when Joe comes to play for us and tells me that he’s worked up a brand new program which he will perform on his one man orchestra. Come on out and have something to eat and see what musical dishes Joe has cooked up for us as well.

Don’t forget next month is our annual Spring Fling dinner dance. We’ll have more great food from Lombardi Catering and wine from Marcucci Winery and dance music from the Steve Balich Band. I am hoping to see another good turnout for this event.

On a sadder note I received a call from Dorothy Orchid to inform me that Carl Fortina has passed away. Carl appeared on the Spike Jones Show, Jack Benny Show, and the Dean Martin Variety Hour as a credited performer. He also worked on the Peter Gunn, Bonanza, and Gun Smoke TV series. Some sources credit him with playing on 25,000 to 35,000 TV shows. He played on over 550 motion picture scores including Charade, Camelot, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and The Godfather. He was a native of San Francisco first appearing before an audience of 17,000 people at five years of age and becoming a well known vaudeville performer as a boy. He moved to Los Angeles in 1949 and started his long career in the TV, recording and movie business. Listen for the accordions of Carl Fortina and Frank Morocco on the Beach Boys gold record song “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”. Carl was one the greats of the accordion world and he will be missed.

Tony Mustaro

Accordion Club of the Redwoods

Entertainment, February 2014


Olga Fansler

Olga, played some three very beautiful pieces. “Come to the Sea”, Que Sera Sera” and the “Merry Widow Waltz”. Thank You Olga, keep them coming!



Xavier de la Prade

Growing up reading comic books, for me Texas always seemed like never, never land. I always enjoyed playing Texas songs. Over the last few years at the Las Vegas Accordion Convention I met a lot of accordionists from Texas, but one of my favorites is George Simko from Lubbock. So here are the songs I played for him when he visited us this month: “San Antonio Rose”, by Bob Wills, “El Paso”, by Marty Robbins, and the the Texas national anthem, The Yellow Rose of Texas”, an old folk song.



Sheri Migarano

Sheri entertained us with some very moving pieces, “Dark Eyes”, “Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen (To me, you are grand)”, and “Ombrage (a musette)”. Sheri never disappoints, hurry back Sheri



Stanko Pecavar

Well. what can I say about this young man. He cannot read music, but plays like he was born with an accordion in his veins. This man fell out a tree not all that long ago, and last rights were considered. He is truly a young man and a treasure!



Guy Richards

What can I say about this guy Guy? I had a rough time keeping up with him, but here is what I could get, ”Vermont”, ‘Stars over Alabama”, “Hello Dolly”, “Jewish Wedding Medley for last girl of Family”, “Jambalaya” , “Tango”, “Zorba the Greek”, “Maria Maria”. It probably would have been easier to name what he did not play.

He is truly an entertainer and treasure to have in our midst!



George Simko

George is always a treat from Texas. His play list “The Call of the Wild”, ‘Spanish Eyes”, and “Evia Espania” ( a little Paso Doble)



Tony Mustaro & George Simko

George and Tony teamed up for a duet. A little Polka, “I Wonder Why”, and “Echos of Vienna”. We need to find a way to kidnap George away from Texas!


News, February 2014

ACR Band Update

The ACR Band will not be meeting  on February 17th 2014, due to Gumbo event.


Mark Your Calendars Louisiana Gumbo Feed in February

In our February meeting we will be in for a real treat. Past ACR President Kris Nelson will be whipping up a Cajun Gumbo prior to the February 17th meeting.

Don’t worry that it will be too spicy for you. It’s a savory soup of chicken and smoked sausage that will tickle your taste buds, not burn your tongue. The door donation will be $5.00 . Dinner will be served at 6:30 PM and there will be NO band practice.


Coming Events

Our very own Spring Fling on March 22nd. See pages 4 and 5.

The Sonoma Sons of Italy are having a great event on March 1st. Great music and great food. They have always supported our events, lets reciprocate. Call Carroll 707-938-1295 for reservations, $35 per person. Music by Swing and a Miss, a 17 Piece orchestra. Menu is Pork Piccata & Pasta. Dinner at 7 PM dance from 8 to 10 PM